Philately on verge of being stamped out

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MORE youths have been urged to cultivate the stamp collection hobby to keep philately alive in the sultanate, said the secretary general of National Philatelic Society of Brunei (PFKB).

Philately refers to the collection and study of stamps.

In an interview with The Brunei Times yesterday, Hj Bakar Hj Berudin said that one of the issues the PFKB faces at present is the lack of participation and interest from Bruneian youth in philately.

“Majority of our members are 50 years old and above and pensioners”

Expressing pessimism, the 61-year-old Hj Bakar said: “At present I don't see the next generation of philatelists to replace us as there are only a limited number of youth who are keen to dabble in philately”.

He said the challenge of getting youth interested in stamp collecting is encountered globally and Brunei is no exception.

“Our association, together with the Postal Services Department has organised various activities to cultivate awareness about philately in Brunei, especially among youth,” he said.

Hj Bakar who also authored three published books on stamps, stressed that relevant stakeholders need to work together in educating youth and motivating them to take up philately.

“This means parents at home and teachers at schools through the collaboration with our society and the department, should give their support and disseminate information on the importance of stamp collection and expose philately to children,” he said.

According to Hj Bakar, currently PFKB, which is a member of Borneo Philatelic Federation and the Federation of Inter-Asian Philately (FIAP), has 25 members including two from Holland and Malaysia and only five young members.

“Even our young members, only one or two of them are still active in stamp collecting and exhibiting their materials and collection at competitions,” said Hj Bakar.

He added that youth are now more drawn to technological advancements such as games and electronic gadgets, contributing to the demise of interest in philately.

“Most importantly, you get to build friendships and network with other philatelists overseas and you also get invited to international exhibitions and competitions all over the world, fully funded by organisers,” he said.

The Brunei Times