Pakistan pushes for air links

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BRUNEI and Pakistan are mulling over establishing air linkage in a move that is expected to boost bilateral ties between the two Islamic nations.

Ahmed Ali Sirohey, acting high commissioner of Pakistan, yesterday said both sides are scheduled to hold talks in the near future to discuss the technicalities of operating direct flights between their international airports.

“We expect it to be established in one year. Maybe by end of next year, InsyaAllah, there should be air linkage… But this is up to them,” he said in an interview.

He said the flights will be operated by Royal Brunei (RB) Airlines and Pakistan International Airlines, based on a memorandum of understanding on air services that was signed by the two flag carriers nearly a decade ago.

Through the proposed air linkage, Ahmed anticipated both countries will benefit from increased visitor arrivals and improved trade volume.

“If there is direct air linkage, there would be more people-to-people connectivity. More Bruneians will visit Pakistan and more Pakistanis will come to Brunei. This way, they will come to know each other’s culture and history,” he added.

The envoy said it will also enable their national carriers to offer connecting flights from Brunei and Pakistan to nearby destinations.

The Brunei Times