Local teenagers catch giant trevally fish in Brunei River

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THREE local teenagers caught a 25kg fish in the water village’s Kg Tamoi Ujong last Friday.

Asnawi Ashria and his two friends were about to play football when they saw a creature flopping near an exposed river bed a stone’s throw from Hj Tarif Primary School.

Asnawi and his friends initially thought that it was a small crocodile and they stood at the nearest wooden walkway hoping to catch a glimpse of what they previously thought was a vicious reptile.

What they saw instead was a giant trevally. “It was during low tide, and the fish was in an area where the water level only reached up to our knees, so we had to wrestle and drag it (the fish) until we reached the river bank,” he said in an interview yesterday.

“It was the first time that we saw such a fish, and we only knew of its name after our neighbours told us when we tried to carry the fish to my house,” added the 16-year-old.

One of the Kg Tamoi Ujong residents who did not wish to be named said the appearance of a giant trevally is rare in rivers as they are mostly known to be marine fishes.

Asnawi went on to say that when they attempted to carry the giant trevally to his house, village residents took the opportunity to snap some pictures of the giant fish which has since went viral on social media.

When _The Brunei Times _spoke with the three teenagers yesterday, the fish was already sold to a fishmonger for $150.

The Brunei Times