Jln Lintang, Jln Tengah residents happy with repair works

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RESIDENTS living at the Jln Lintang and Jln Tengah government housing complex yesterday expressed their satisfaction at the action taken by authorities to carry out repair and maintenance works of buildings in the area.

It was previously reported that the residents had expressed concern over the increase in crime in the area which they had attributed to the lack of security measures at the deteriorating terrace houses.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, a 23-year-old resident said his family felt safer following the actions taken by the authorities.

“I am happy with the removal of overgrown hedges and trees behind the houses. The thieves used to take advantage of this during the night. Now, the area has become more visible and we feel very safe,” said Rafi Ul Hazmi Hamdan.

“We have been living here for 17 years. Although we have not had any misfortune so far, we have had close calls when our next-door neighbours’ houses were broken into and their property stolen. Alhamdulillah, I have not heard of any complaints of theft from any of our neighbours in the past few months,” he said. Another resident, who wished only to be known as Hjh Rosnani, said she feels safer with maintenance works being carried out in the ageing building.

“The building is getting a bit worn out and tiles would suddenly fall from the walls,” she said.

“Hopefully, if the place is brought back to its former state, it would deter criminals from targeting our houses in the future,” she said.

When The Brunei Times visited the houses, notices from the Public Works Department’s Building Management Division had been posted around the area notifying the residents that tree-cutting works would commence from August 24 to November 21 or until the work has been completed.

One of the workers, who wished to be known as Nichan, was clearing the overgrowth and chopping down the trees on the perimeter of the houses. He said that the company he works for a few weeks ago started clearing overgrown hedges and trees in backyards of the houses a few weeks ago.

“When we began the work, we were told to just remove all the trees and trim the hedges (separating the back of the houses and the main road) so that the view of the road is not blocked,” he said.

In addition, repair works have also started on the houses of the mostly-unoccupied Block C and D along Jln Lintang to make them habitable.

A local repairman, who was working on one of the houses yesterday, said that the company he works for — ARL Sdn Bhd — has been carrying out house repair works for about three weeks already.

Mohd Zain Yakub was not sure when the entire repairs and maintenance work will be over as each house requires different kinds of repairs. “At the same time we are also cleaning the houses as most of them are dirty because of lying unoccupied for such a long time,” he said.

The Brunei Times