3D Kufic calligraphy course for inmates

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THE Prisons Department has added 3D Kufic calligraphy into its Creative Art programme to equip inmates with vocational skills.

Head Instructor of Vocational Training Mohd Hilmi Wasli said the making of wooden 3D Arabic calligraphy products was introduced in Jerudong Prison last month.

“Previously, inmates were only taught to produce two types of Arabic or Kufic calligraphy made from acrylic and mirror,” he said on the sidelines of the recent Prisons Department’s expo at Giant Hypermarket.

He added that the initiative to introduce the wooden 3D calligraphy products was a result of high demand for the products in Malaysia and Indonesia.

“From what we have observed (so far), we have not seen any or maybe not many locally-made 3D wooden calligraphy in Brunei.

“So we adopted the practice (in making 3D calligraphy) and selling them here (at the expo) to gauge the response of Bruneians towards these products and Alhamdulillah, they were well-received,” he added.

The instructor went on to say that inmates, through the guidance and mentorship of prison wardens who teach them the calligraphy, can currently produce short words or phrases for the 3D calligraphy such as the Arabic words for ‘Bismillah’ and ‘Lailahailallah’. With a width of six inches and length of 24 inches, the value of the products depends on the material and style used, with the most expensive product fetching a price of $20.

InsyaAllah, we are looking to develop this further soon by making 3D calligraphy for selected Quranic verses too as there is a demand from the public,” said Mohd Hilmi, adding that the size for such products will be bigger with a width of 24 inches and length of 48 inches.

He said on average, five inmates are enrolled in the programme and learning calligraphy at Jerudong Prison every year.

The Brunei Times