MKM attends Bangkok meeting

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BRUNEI’S Council on Social Welfare (MKM) recently participated in the Second Asia-Pacific Partnership Meeting of Child Rights Coalitions and Networks in Bangkok, Thailand.

The meeting discussed a range of emerging child rights issues, including online child protection, which Zubaidah Dato Abu Zar, the head of MKM’s Children Committee, described as a “growing concern not only in Brunei but in the Asia-Pacific region as well.”

“Nowadays, the use of social media among children and young people can be beneficial, since they gain access to unlimited information. But likewise, it poses a high risk for them, as it opens opportunities for abusers to exploit them,” she said.

She added that the sharing of good practices on online protection advocacy at the meeting will enable MKM to initiate programmes for children under its care.

Held from September 29 to October 1, the meeting touched on issues relating to violence against children such as child marriage; juvenile justice; stateless and migrant children; and physical and humiliating punishment. The participants also discussed the Review of the Plan of Action on the Elimination of Violence Against Children and child rights monitoring and reporting.

The Brunei Times