Man gets 5 years jail, caning for drug-related offences

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A MAN has been sentenced to serve five years and six months in prison and five strokes of the cane for drug trafficking and related offences.

Sapar Hanapi was found guilty of trafficking 0.7283 grammes of methamphetamine, a Class A drug locally known as syabu, consuming the drugs and possessing instruments used to consume the drug in 2012.

The following year, the 45-year-old was arrested for possessing 1.2708 grammes of syabu for the purpose of drug trafficking and possession of drug paraphernalia.

An arrest warrant was subsequently issued after Sapar failed to turn up for the court proceedings.

It was later discovered that Sapar had fled to the Philippines which later led to his arrest this year.

Sapar, who has numerous convictions for drug-related offences, was subsequently brought to court where he pleaded guilty to all of the charges.

The court ordered for the sentence to be served with immediate effect.

The Brunei Times