Elders’ cultural knowledge beneficial for tourism growth

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THE elderly have a role to play in promoting tourism by ensuring cultural preservation through knowledge sharing.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, CEO of the Tutong District Tourism Coordination and Promotion Body Muhd Amir Hj Umarali, said that in promoting the district’s cultural based tourism, the involvement of the community is very important.

“The elderly are one of the key players because they play a role in preserving our culture and making sure that its is being passed on the younger generation,” said Muhd Amir.

According to the Village Head of Kg Kiudang Hj Mohd Saiful Abd Anja, since their village became one of the destinations included in the Tutong Destination Programme, its elderly residents have been proactive in showcasing the village’s Dusun culture.

“Whenever we are informed that our village will receive visitors, the village’s elderly will start preparations to entertain the visitors usually through cultural performances which include traditional Dusun music,” he said.

He added that they are happy to contribute towards the village’s image of being a community based tourist destination because they enjoy doing performances as it allows them to showcase their cultural heritage.

“Our culture is what fascinates most visitors because it can be interactive as the elderly will usually teach visitors some of the steps,” he said.

“It brings a smile to everyone’s face and has created interest among the younger generation as more and more of the village’s youths are now interested to learn too.”

Hj Mohd Saiful added that community based tourism should be strengthened, if not for the sake of preserving culture, then for the sake of the tourism industry in the country. — Wail Wardi Wasil

The Brunei Times