YSHHB holds religious ceremony for students

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THE Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah (YSHHB) Primary School yesterday organised a religious ceremony for their students who are preparing for the upcoming Primary School Assessment examinations.

A sembahyang hajat and a reading of the Surah Yasin was done by 120 of the school’s Year 6 students with their accompanying parents.

They also attended a motivational talk delivered by counselors from the Ministry of Education’s Counselling and Careers Unit.

Acting Principal of YSHHB Primary School Alimas Hj Md Ali said that cooperation between the students, their parents and the teaching staff is crucial during this time.

“This event is held to remind us students, parents and guardians that the examinations are due to be held soon. Hopefully students will be motivated and be positive in giving their best during the examinations,” said the acting principal.

He also expressed hopes that all parties will benefit from the motivational talks.

“Hopefully parents will be motivated to continue supporting and loving their children while also continuing to provide the amenities that is needed by the children to focus on their studies and the upcoming examinations,” said the acting principal.

“Help and supervise the children when they are home, take care of their safety and health, and together we will strive and pray for their success,” he said.

Present as the guest of honour was the YSHHB Chief Executive Officer, Noorhaizamdin Hj Mohd Mosbi.

The Brunei Times