Youth urged not to undermine elderly

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THE youth must not undermine the capabilities of elderly persons to contribute to the community, an official said yesterday.

Head of Community Development Department (JAPEM) Belait Branch Noridah Hj Ishak said this, noting that elderly persons have accumulated rich experience and knowledge.

She made the remark in conjuction with the International Day for Older Persons, which Brunei marked by holding thanksgiving prayers across the country.

This year’s global theme is “Take a Stand Against Ageism.”

They may no longer be physically fit, but older persons have the skills and knowledge that are useful in developing the community, Noridah said, adding that most grassroots leaders are elderly persons.

“It is rare to see younger people in grassroots institutions such as the Village Consultative Councils (MPK) and Mukim Consultative Councils (MPMs),” she said.

The younger generation should listen to the elderly, she said.

Noridah urged more elderly persons to be proactive in community activities.

She said there are proposed activities for the elderly in line with the international observance, but they have yet to be approved by JAPEM headquarters.

“The activities would mostly be recreational for the elderly persons,” she said.

“There may be sports activities involving them, as what we have done in the previous years, especially in Belait,” she added.

The head of Belait’s JAPEM expressed hope the international observance will be a platform for the younger generation to learn and give extra appreciation to the elderly, especially their family members.

The Brunei Times