Tutong Destination Programme grows with success

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THE success of the Tutong Destination Programme has given rise to more cultural based ecotourism products in the district.

The number of tourism sites under the programme has increased from its initial 30 destinations to the current 41, said the chief executive officer (CEO) of the Tutong District Tourism Coordination and Promotion Body.

Muhd Amir Hj Umarali said that since the programme was established, more village and mukim consultative councils have come forward with their products to be included as one of the destinations under the programme.

He said that the Tutong district has more than a hundred potential tourism destinations, however they have yet to be identified. Those that have been identified may offer tourism products that are not yet developed enough for tourists, he said.

“When it comes to introducing or identifying a potential tourism destination, we as the district’s tourism body have to first analyse the market based on feedback from tourists who have visited the district’s tourism destinations,” he said.

Different tourists have different interests, he said, adding that it is essential for Tutong’s tourism body to identify these interests and to cater to them in order to increase tourism volume coming into the district.

Muhd Amir said that this does not only include identifying scenic locations but also to figure out the various activities that can be arranged that is related to that specific destination, such as honey tasting at a meliponiculture (stingless bee) farm.

“For example, for tourists from Singapore, agricultural destinations such as orchards are something that interests them because they live in a concrete jungle and nature is not that accessible,” he said.

The Brunei Times