‘More than 100,000 foreigners working in Brunei’

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THE number of foreign workers staying in Brunei remains over 100,000 with a majority of them employed under the private sector, said the acting commissioner of the Department of Labour yesterday.

Hj Shariful-Bahri Hj Sawas said that there are currently more than 100,000 foreign nationals working in Brunei and that many of them are working in the construction sector.

“Construction industry is the biggest sector that employs foreign workers,” he said.

Hj Shariful-Bahri said that more than 90,000 foreigners are currently employed by the private sector.

The remaining amount comprises mostly of domestic workers, he said.

The acting commissioner said that most of the foreign workers come from neighboring countries, as well as South Asia.

“The top ranking countries are Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. For the past years, more foreigners are coming from India and Bangladesh,” said Hj Shariful-Bahri .

The Brunei Times