Man gets 12 months in prison for stealing cutting tool from workshop

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A LOCAL man was sentenced to 12 months in prison after he admitted to stealing a cutting tool from a workshop.

Abdul Hakim SM Musa, 24, admitted that he was in the vicinity of the light industry in Kg Katimahar on August 17 this year to find a workshop to paint his car. After getting a quotation from one of the workshops, he saw that the unit next door belonging to PKN Enterprise was unattended.

He then noticed a Makita metal and wood cutter which he took and put in his car.

On August 19, upon being informed by the staff about the missing cutting tool, the complainant, the manager of PKN Enterprise, filed a police report after reviewing CCTV surveillance footage which showed Abdul Hakim carrying the item to his car.

An investigation led to the arrest of Abdul Hakim, who admitted that he sold the cutting tool, valued at $500, for $40.

Following the proceedings at the Magistrates’ Court, he was ordered to serve his sentence with effect from September 27, the date he was remanded.

The Brunei Times