Students opt for UK colleges as pound slides

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MORE Bruneians are choosing the United Kingdom to further their studies due to the falling sterling, general manager of James Hon Education said during an interview.

“It has been positive for our students. Although we cannot specify the number as it is confidential, (James Hon Education) has seen an increase of 35 to 40 per cent of privately funded students going to the UK for their degrees,” said Delon Hon, adding that some students who were previously considering Malaysia have switched over to the UK.

He also added that more students are applying for Masters and even opting to skip A-levels and choosing a pre-university foundation instead. In a separate phone interview Sunita Martin, director of education service firm Findlay (B) Sdn Bhd, said more families are interested in sending their children to the UK as the drop in sterling pound has made studying in the UK more affordable, adding that there were some who opted for the education loan scheme.

She added however that her firm saw no noticeable increase or decrease in students choosing to study in the UK, attributing this to several factors such as parental financial situation and scholarship requirements.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from education consultancy firm HRD Services (HRDS) also said that the number of students applying through their services has remained roughly the same but also said that the cheaper sterling has generated more interest among Bruneians.

HRDS spokesperson and Delon said that Brexit would not affect Bruneians as they can travel across Europe with their passport.

According to a recent report, the UK Visas and Immigration has issued around 600 Tier 4 (General) student visas to Brunei nationals in the year ending this March.

The Brunei Times