KB Municipal Board plans to revive Seria wet market

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THE Kuala Belait (KB)-Seria Municipal Board is designing a plan to revamp the Seria wet market, adding a preference to tendering out the market operations in a partnership with private companies.

The proposal to address the standing issue where the market continues to see an all-time low occupancy throughout the years, with the last remaining vendors claiming its decline to be around 2009 when Soon Lee first established its store next to the market.

Whenever visited, only few vendors can be seen selling their goods, which may range from groceries to merchandises, with the fisheries section of the Seria wet market remained vacant at every visit.

Vendors selling groceries previously shared the routine where by 10.30am, most of them would usually pack up as there is less probability they would get customers.

Noting that, acting chairperson of the board, Sarih Tabong said that they are currently studying ways on how the market can be revived without modifying its concept as a “wet market” – a place that sells fresh groceries and livestock.

Amongst what had already been discussed, he said, is to have vendors selling living fishes in an aquarium at the market to further ensure its freshness, taking example from similar businesses carried out in the capital.

This, he said, could also gave a unique sight for people visiting the market, as fish sold for consumption in an aquarium is not a wide sight in the district – that only few places, which may be restaurants are doing such in the district.

While revamping the area, Sarih said the plan may restrict structural modifications, and only allow little changes for the comfort of the vendors – as the building needs to maintain its design as a “tamu” (market) and should not be changed into something similar to department stores.

While getting inputs from other government agencies, Sarih said the municipal board is also welcoming ideas from private companies who may be interested in participating the rejuvenation of the Seria wet market.

“It would also be good if they have their own proposal, so we can discuss together on how best we can approach the plan,” he said, adding that their participation is important as they may be the ones to operate the market at the end of the day.

The Brunei Times