Islam regards teaching profession highly: Imams

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MUSLIMS in the country are urged to respect and honour teachers for their contributions in shaping and educating the nation.

In the Friday sermon, imams reminded congregants that the teaching profession is highly regarded in Islam as teachers bear the responsibility of disseminating knowledge.

“Teachers and educators play a very big role because they hold the responsibility of guiding us and the next generation to become knowledgeable and virtuous individuals,” said imams.

Hence, teachers should carry their responsibilities dutifully and with wisdom as only wise educators will have the ability to produce a “visionary generation that will bring glory and excellence to the nation and its people”.

“Teachers must have good morals, and should be in constant pursuit of knowledge, highly motivated, creative, innovative and effective in their teaching methods. (They) must always strive to improve their teaching strategies from time to time,” the sermon said.

Imams also noted that the most important thing for an educator is to be sincere in carrying out their duties as well as to practice patience and perseverance in facing challenges when dealing with their students.

Teachers, imams said, should instill the Bruneian values and identity in order for these values to live on and continue to become one of the country’s main force in empowering its people.

“Teachers’ contribution to the nation and the people is valuable, as they produce individuals with knowledge that can ultimately benefit our community, religion and the country,” said imams.

The Brunei Times