‘Come up with creative solutions to help students’

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RECIPIENTS of special teaching awards at Thursday’s Teachers’ Day celebrations urged young educators to find creative solutions to help students who are unresponsive or disinterested in learning.

Hjh Seri Ainey Hj Shahri, an English teacher at Sekolah Tinggi Perempuan Raja Isteri (STPRI), said it was her students that kept her motivated after 16 years at the front of a classroom.

“It is just being with the students, it is a lot of fun. I learn so much from them… I think when you show them how earnest you are and how much you want them to learn, that is the drive you get, that is the high. When students respond positively it’s really satisfying.”

The literature teacher was one of five teachers presented with the Excellent Teacher Award on Thursday.

Each recipient received $4,000 and is given priority to further their education through in-service training.

“I’m very surprised but very honoured. I’m sure there are a lot of wonderful teachers out there who deserve this. I want to say thank you to my school for trusting me and giving me support, and appreciation to the STPRI English teachers who are my backbone and for giving me their endless support.”

She added that young educators who struggle with the challenges of teaching should not be discouraged, but should find creative solutions for students who may be unresponsive.

“Take things one day at a time. My first year wasn’t easy and it takes a bit of time to adjust to the difficulties and challenges of teaching. Try to channel the positives rather than the negatives… Stay humble and don’t forget to talk to your students, and not just teach, I think that that’s important.”

Valliathatharayil Susan Philipose, a chemistry teacher at Sayyidina Hussain Secondary School, echoed these sentiments, saying teachers should take the time to get to know their students to show them they care about their personal development.

“We must look at each student as our own child and teach them as we would our own child. Each child is different and they have different needs and should be taught in different ways. We have to understand them, find out about them, and teach them according to their needs.”

Philipose, who has been at Sayyidina Hussain for more than 20 years, was honoured with the Special Mention Award, along with 19 other teachers from across the country. Each recipient receives $1,000 and a commemorative plaque.

The Brunei Times