‘Rehabilitation for offenders crucial’

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REHABILITATION and knowledge are important factors towards the development of a harmonious society, said Commandant of the Prison Department’s Training Centre.

“It is our responsibility as officers from rehabilitation departments and agencies to provide the most effective form of rehabilitation and knowledge for offenders to ensure that they can return and be accepted by the community,” said Acting Prison Superintendent Hj Saini Hj Maidin yesterday at the closing ceremony of the department’s 4th Strengthening Rehabilitation Programmes (3P) Workshop.

He added the workshop provided an opportunity for 27 participants from different rehabilitation centres and departments to share their expertise and ideas, allowing them to strengthen their approaches and reduce any shortcomings.

The 3P Workshop served as a platform for government personnel to gain knowledge and experience with the aim of improving their capabilities towards the goal of tackling current issues of social ills as well as reducing the rate of readmission into prisons and rehabilitation centres, he added.

At the closing ceremony, held at the Prison Department’s Training Centre in Tutong, Acting Director of Prison Department Poh Eng Hua presented certificates to all participants.

The 4th 3P Workshop, which was held from September 19 to 29, involved participants in team building activities, best practice sharing sessions, seminars and a visit to the Maraburong Prison.

The participants comprised of officers from Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB), Syariah Affairs Department, Islamic Da’wah Centre, Community Development Department, Internal Security Department and Royal Brunei Armed Forces. During separate interviews with participants of the programme, they said the workshop not only gave valuable information and insight on rehabilitation, but also provided practical training to apply what they have learned.

Zulhimi Zaini, an officer from the Al-Islah Rehabilitation Centre, NCB, said he found the sharing of best practices valuable as it allowed him to understand the different approaches when communicating and working with those undergoing rehabilitation.

“One of the biggest (knowledge) I have gained from the 3P programme was self confidence as I’m now (better equipped) to work with those seeking rehabilitation in the Al-Islah Rehabilitation Centre,” said Zulhilmi.

Meanwhile Mariam Hj Abd Ghani, Female Warden 637 from the Jerudong Prison Institution, who has been working in the department for 13 years, said the workshop taught her how to motivate and advice inmates towards their rehabilitation.

“The workshop gave me insight and allowed me to better understand the people undergoing rehabilitation and how to motivate and help them professionally,” said Mariam.

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