Red tide discovered by Fisheries Department Sabah, Brunei cautions public

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RED tide has been detected along the coastal areas of West Sabah by the Department of Fisheries in Sabah, the department said in a press statement released yesterday.

It added that it is currently monitoring the situation in Brunei waters and has conducted laboratory analysis.

The laboratory findings found that Bruneian waters have not been affected and remains free of red tide.

However, the department would like to advise and urge importers to not import or bring in any fish and fishery products from the affected areas particularly small fishes and shellfish.

As a precaution, members of the public visiting Sabah are also advised to avoid eating any shellfish or small fish that are unable to have its stomach, innards and gills removed.

Members of the public are also reminded to be vigilant and remove the gills, stomach and innards of the fish before cooking it as well as avoid serving any fish or shellfish that has an unknown origin.

The department said it will inform the public on the matter periodically. It also said it was seeking the cooperation of members of the public particularly fishermen to report to it if they come across any water discolouration or mass fish mortality in Brunei waters and beaches.

Members of the public can contact the department at 2770066 during working hours or the department’s hotline at 7297771.

The Brunei Times