Outgoing Thai envoy hails good relations, cooperation

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AN OUTGOING Thai diplomat on Wednesday expressed satisfaction at the cordial relations between Thailand and Brunei.

Outgoing Minister/Deputy Chief of Mission at the Thai Embassy here, Siriporn Chaimongkol also lauded the newly established health cooperation that can further enhance the quality of medical services in both countries.

Siriporn, who has been in Thailand’s Foreign Service for 34 years, ended her three-year tour of duty in the sultanate recently.

The diplomat expressed hopes that any future areas of cooperation identified by the two nations would be able to complement one another.

“The keywords here are commitment and complement,” said Siriporn on the sidelines of a farewell luncheon.

“Whenever we identify a mutually beneficial sector of cooperation, it should complement each other to achieve a win-win situation,” she said, adding that the cooperation should be based on mutual respect and equal partnership.

Commenting on the recent signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on health cooperation, she said the MoU covers collaboration on capacity building, trainings and health seminars among the professional health personnel of both countries.

The MoU was signed earlier this month.

She said the MoU was ‘unique’ because it was done under the cooperation between the government and private sector.

The MoU was signed by representatives from Brunei’s Ministry of Health and BNH Medical Centre Limited, Thailand’s first private international hospital which was founded in 1898.

She went on to add that Thailand is keen to broaden the scope of cooperation beyond existing collaborations in the fields of agriculture, energy and trade.

Previous reports said that Brunei imports about 90 per cent of its rice supply from Thailand, which is sold locally at government-subsidied prices, while Thailand is among the key export markets for Brunei’s liquefied natural gas (LNG).

It was also reported that Thailand and Brunei signed an MoU on agricultural cooperation last year. The cooperation covers various areas such as rice production, fisheries, livestock, land development and water management.

“We are committed to help in the area of technical cooperation,” she said.

The Brunei Times