As of Oct 6, Food Import Registration only available online

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THE Ministry of Health yesterday announced that food importers will be required to make their Food Import Registration (FIR) applications of processed food online beginning October 6 when a new online system is introduced.

The ministry said that when the system is implemented next week, paper-based applications will no longer be accepted.

The ministry said the new system allows food importers to register their products at their own time and no longer requires a physical submission of applications.

The ministry said it expects the system to reduce the processing time from ten working days to seven working days.

To use the system, importers must first register for an e-Darussalam account before being required to fill in the online form and upload any accompanying documents into the system.

The ministry said that the new online system is being introduced as part of efforts to improve its services to make it faster for food importers to attain approval for their applications which will be notified through their e-Darussalam inbox.

With this new system, the ministry said that an administrative processing fee of $30 for each application will also be introduced which is payable online using debit or credit cards.

Importers and applicants are able to access the system at the ministry website

The ministry said that the FIR is an existing requirement under sanction of the Public Health (Food) Act with the purpose of ensuring that food in Brunei is safe for consumption and complies with the conditions set within the regulations. For further information, the public may contact the Food Safety and Quality Control Division at the ministry at 2382041, fax 2381851 or email

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