MKM volunteers join training course in China

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THREE Majlis Kesejahteraan Masyarakat (MKM) volunteers joined the 2016 E-Commerce Training Course for persons with disabilities (PWDs) under the China-ASEAN and APEC framework in Nanning City, Guangxi, China from September 22 to 27.

The programme is aimed at promoting the employment and productivity of PWDs and improve their quality of life and inclusive development in the Asia-Pacific region through participation in the internet economy via e-commerce.

One of the volunteers, Dk Hanisah Pg Hj Bakar, a child psychologist for children with special needs at International School Brunei (ISB), said the training was intensive but beneficial.

“The knowledge we learned on e-commerce is something we can potentially apply in Brunei for the benefit of PWDs.”

She said the course advocates cooperation among the private sector, government agencies and NGOS on employment of PWDs.

According to Dk Hanisah, some of the training that can be provided to persons with disabilities include training for them to provide customer service, sales network service and voice files record translation for companies.

“Our field trip to Guangxi Assistive Devices Center and Guangxi Disabled Persons training centre was impressive. There were PWDs skilled in pastry making, sewing as well as music and dance.”

Meanwhile MKM officer, Siti Mariana Hj Makhbar, said that it is important for PWDs to learn to use the internet so they can build a home business online and be are trained in e-commerce.

She said that PWDs in Brunei can be trained how to use social media to sell their handmade products.

“More support is needed to get them to start their business and in MKM we have a programme on cottage industries and we will ensure that we include PWDs to make our programme more inclusive.”

Sharifah Adila Surya Malai Hj Abdullah, an officer at SMARTER Brunei, said the training course has given her a better perspective on how she can improve the programmes at SMARTER and focus on the employability aspects of children with special needs once they become adults.

“Although we label a person as disabled, with proper care and provision of facilities and opening opportunities for them, they too can fully participate and become productive members society.”

The Brunei Times