Local man fined for bringing in banned shrimp species

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A LOCAL man who had planned to sell banned prawns to restaurants and local markets was imposed an $800 fine yesterday for importing fish without a valid licence.

Pg Martudin Pg Samsuddin, 41, was brought in for questioning on January 13, 2012, after Marine police on patrol conducted an investigation into a boat and the three persons who were unloading black plastic bags at the Batu Marang Jetty.

During the investigation, police found that Pg Martudin did not have a valid licence from the Fisheries Department to import fish.

The contents of the plastic bags were later discovered to contain Pacific White shrimp, weighing at 329.50 kilogrammes.

It was also discovered that Fisheries Department had imposed a ban on the importation of this species of shrimp since 2009.

Court document stated that Pg Martudin had intended to sell the banned shrimp at the wet market in Gadong as well as to restaurants.

It further stated that Pg Martudin came into possession of the shrimps when he chartered a boat to bring him to the waters of Kuala Sundar, Sarawak.

Once there, they met with another boat and Pg Martudin paid the man $2,500 in exchange for 17 black plastic bags containing banned Pacific White shrimp.

However, upon their return to Kg Batu Marang to unload the shrimp, they were stopped by the Marine Police who were on a routine patrol at the time.

During the proceedings, Pg Martudin, who is currently serving an imprisonment term at Maraburong Prison, was ordered to serve the in-default sentence of three weeks in prison after he indicated he was unable to pay the fines.

The Brunei Times