Thumbs up for MKM’s new office

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THE Brunei Council on Social Welfare’s (MKM) new office at the Melabau Complex in Serusop allows them to organise and host various welfare activities, unlike their previous location.

Hj Johan Hj Tuah, a member of the MKM committee, said that their previous office at the Youth Centre in the capital was too small.

This meant that they had to conduct most of their welfare activities outside of their office building.

“Our new office has a much bigger space and it enables us to conduct our welfare activities. These activities include teaching children of underprivileged families to read the Al-Quran and providing these families with necessities at the end of every month,” he said.

He added that the council only moved to their new location this year in May.

Rental of the council’s new office is being paid by two generous members of the public. 

In terms of accessibility, Hj Johan said that most of their clients or individuals who are registered under their welfare programmes have no problem with their new location.

He added that most of their clients have responded positively to it, adding that members of the council and their clients can comfortably interact in the larger space.

The MKM committee member went on to say that the council’s next steps are towards training and capacity building for its members to “better understand the factors and situations of social issues that are present in the country”.

“We are always trying to better ourselves (so) that we can provide the most benefit to our clients and in general so we could benefit the country,” he added.

The Brunei Times