Literature workshop in Tutong

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THE head of the Language and Literature Section under Tutong’s Badan Kesenian dan Kebudayaan (B2K) or Arts and Culture Body is looking to conduct literature workshops for secondary students in the district.

Dr Chong Ah Fok said the organisation is planning to organise a workshop for students on secondary level in enhancing their knowledge on local literature.

It will aim “to instill awareness regarding local literature and its importance but also mainly to develop the students’ literacy skills,” he said on the sidelines of a handover ceremony of books by Tutong’s authors yesterday.

These skills include writing stories, poems and novels, he added.

Dr Chong highlighted that developing such skills at a young age is crucial in ensuring that literary products or works by these youth in the future will show a great writing quality and style.

“If we train them earlier, then when the time comes, they can publish their books and hopefully they can make great impacts towards the readers and our society as a whole,” he said.

“We already have the participants as well as facilitators for the workshop,” he said, but the dates have yet to be set.

The Brunei Times