Lady duo plead guilty to possession of contraband

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A PAIR of local women were fined at the Magistrates’ Court yesterday after pleading guilty to being in possession of untaxed goods.

Marinah Hj Ahmad, 40, had been caught alongside 43 year-old Nur Hidayah Abdullah at the Kuala Lurah control post by customs enforcement officers who found nine cartons of cigarettes, three bottles of alcoholic drinks and four kilogrammes of chicken wings hidden at various places inside the Honda Civic the defendants were traveling in on August 8, 2016.

The pair was then taken to be questioned by investigators at the Royal Customs and Excise Department building in Kg Anggerek Desa where both of them admitted to possessing the contraband.

Nur Hidayah admitted that the chicken wings and three cartons of the cigarettes had belonged to her while the rest belonged to Marinah.

Both defendants told investigators that they had bought the goods in Limbang for their own consumption.

The presiding Magistrate Dewi Norlelawati Hj Abd Hamid then sentenced Marinah to a fine of $2,250 and ordered to settle it by January 12, 2016 while Nur Hidayah was sentenced to a fine of $1,200 and ordered to settle it by December 26 this year.

The total excise that had been due to the state before they were caught had amounted to $451.

Marinah has had a previous conviction while Nur Hidayah had a clean record prior to yesterday’s sentencing. The contraband was also ordered to be forfeited to the state to be disposed of.

The Brunei Times