Brunei marks 23rd Civil Service Day today

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BRUNEI Darussalam marks its 23rd Civil Service Day today, with the past year seeing many new developments towards improving the quality and efficiency of the government workforce.

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has introduced the Public Sector Performance Grading Programme (3PSA) as a way to measure the effectiveness of government agencies, awarding star ratings based on each agency’s performance.

3PSA was officially launched in 2015 with the goal of increasing awareness of quality and productivity, as well as promoting strategies, mechanisms and best practices in the public service.

The PMO said it hoped the programme will be a “catalyst to push the values of integrity, culture, practices and mindset from the status quo to an inclination towards the flow of challenging and dynamic development”.

The PMO has also been holding the Civil Service Excellence Awards (ACPA) every two years to solicit ideas and proposals on how to improve the delivery of government services.

The awards are divided into two categories: project papers that have been implemented and shown positive impact on the public service; and the second category is for proposal papers to suggest ideas that could improve the performance of the public service.

The ACPA is intended to promote innovation in good governance and to motivate public servants to enhance professionalism and reform. Both these initiatives are hoped to modernise and improve the performance of the government workforce.

The civil service is the largest single employer in the country, employing some 12 per cent of the population, more than 39,000 employees. The civil service is made up of 12 government ministries and over 90 government departments and agencies.

The Brunei Times