6 youths spend time to get to know elders at Seria Old Folk’s Home

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THE Brunei Youth Council (MBB) yesterday donated essential living supplies to senior citizens living at Seria's Old Folks Home and spent the day bonding with them to mark International Day of Older Persons (IDOP).

Led by Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) student Afifah Abd Latif, the group of six youths began collecting donations several weeks ago for their visit through MBB, drawing a positive response which allowed them to hand over a set of supplies for each of the ten elderly residents.

Afifah said that the Old Folks Home — formally known as the Community Service Centre — was chosen because of its relatively unknown status outside the Belait district. The month of September is also quieter with the number of outside visits to the centre, which typically peaks during December and Chinese New Year.

“We wanted to help the residents who live here, and at the same time, spread a wider message of the importance of remembering the elderly,” said Afifah.

“Even awareness about IDOP itself. It isn't widely observed as some of the other remembrance days.”

The message behind IDOP this year is to take a stand against age-based discrimination, and MBB has tried to make it a key element of their outreach programme, said the project’s assistant leader Nur Ezzati Syahirah.

“The elderly should not be excluded from the rest of society just because of the basis of their age,” she said. “So we all need to play a role in including them more in our community and recognise the contribution they have made.”

After the group spent time playing games with the seniors, they handed over the donations before cleaning the centre's dining and living rooms.

The majority of the group yesterday are students from UBD, some of whom have chosen the visit to be a part of their community outreach programme.

The Brunei Times