Book on how to obtain rewards, become free of debt launched

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THE State Mufti’s Office launched a book yesterday to provide Muslims with guidance on how to obtain rezeki (rewards) and free oneself from hutang (debt).

The book, launched at the Darulifta’ lobby is titled Rezeki dan Hutang: Tadzkirah, Do’a & Amalan.

It was the product of a discussion between officers of the Publication and Information Section of the State Mufti’s Office and officers of Perbadanan Tabung Amanah Islam Brunei (Perbadanan TAIB) in July. Following the discussion, the book was written by officers of the Buhuth and Irsyad Section of the office. The book will also be a special gift during the 25th anniversary of the Perbadanan TAIB which falls on September 29. Launching the book was Deputy State Mufti Dato Seri Setia Dr Hj Japar Hj Mat Dain @ Maidin. He presented the book to Maswadi Hj Mohsin who is the chairperson of the Perbadanan TAIB’s 25th anniversary.

Copies of the books were then presented to representatives of public libraries and higher education institution libraries.

In his speech, Acting Director of Administration at the State Mufti’s Office Mohd Sofian Hj Basri said the office has been working with Perbadanan TAIB since 2004.

“It is hoped that the cooperation between the two parties will continue and improve, not just in the publishing of books but also religious activities.”

Mohd Sofian said this also includes working together to increase the capacity of manpower from both sides through appropriate training exercises. The book also contains amalan (practices), zikir and doa (supplication) to obtain rezeki as well as amalan, zikir and doa to free oneself from debt.

The Brunei Times