Car wash ready to accept ex-convicts

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RAKAN Seliaan (RS) Car Wash Services will always welcome former convicts to work at its shop and help them re-integrate into society, its owner said.

Md Isham Hj Abu Bakar said work opportunities await ex-convicts who wish to start anew at the car wash company in Sumbangsih Mulia.

“This car wash business is established to support and encourage former inmates like myself, to start anew and I will see to it that former inmates are always welcome here if they are interested and have the passion to work in this field,” said Md Isham in an interview.

Currently, Md Isham employs five Bruneians aged 20 and below.

“I had two former prison inmates working with me when we started, but they quit after more than a month as they had better job offers.

“Now I am waiting for new former inmates (who are recommended by the Prisons Department) to join us soon, insyaAllah by next month,” he added.

He urged ex-convicts to be proactive in finding jobs or start their own business as a way of rebuilding their lives.

“Having a job or a business of their own will motivate them to work hard, be better and avoid a relapse,” he said, citing his own struggles of being a former prison inmate.

Md Isham has been in the car wash business since he completed his sentence in 2008.

Aside from owning the RS Car Wash Services, he has also been managing Auto Service Asma Boy Services — a car wash company in partnership with the Prisons Department — for over three years.

The RS car wash service, a collaboration between Sumbangsih Mulia and the Counselling and Supervision Services of the Prisons Department, was launched in June this year.

Md Isham expressed his gratitude to Managing Director of Goh Hock Kee Motors (GHK) Pehin Kapitan Lela Diraja Dato Paduka Goh King Chin, who provided the site for the car wash and funded its facilities, including car cleaning machines and products for the business.

He added that the car wash service reports an average of $3,000 sales per month since it began operating in July.

“Our target was initially $5,000 per month but the business is still new and we still have more room for improvements,” Md Isham said, adding that he is looking into adding car engine cleaning and waxing services to boost sales.

The Brunei Times