Borneo Guide to promote community-based tourism

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A SOCIAL enterprise is planning to introduce a new workshop in a bid to push young entrepreneurs to venture into community-based tourism.

Leslie Chiang of Borneo Guide recently said the proposed workshop will enable young entrepreneurs to help their villages by generating interest in community-based tourism and promoting opportunities in the growing niche tourism market.

“Community-based tourism means you are taking care of the community and the environment while making some money,” he explained.

Citing the Sumbiling Eco Village in Temburong as a prime example, Chiang pointed out that community-based tourism will also lead to the creation of more jobs for locals and encourage the youth to preserve Brunei’s cultural heritage.

“It’s a business, but it also makes a social impact as it helps the community... That’s why I feel we must have this workshop,” he said.

Although no date has been set for the workshop, Borneo Guide is currently in talks with several organisations over a possible collaboration. The company is also seeking experts in community-based tourism to facilitate the workshop.

Chiang said the first workshop will target up to 100 sixth form students, but participation will be open to the wider public in subsequent workshops.

“We are also looking for corporate or individual sponsors. If we receive sponsorship, we can lower the cost of the workshop, so that more students can afford to take part. This workshop is not one off as we plan to do it regularly,” he said.

He believed that community-based tourism can be successful in Brunei, owing to the country’s rich cultural heritage and untouched rainforest.

“I look at Brunei as having very good assets... It’s an excellent place for community-based tourism. If more young entrepreneurs are interested in community-based tourism, people will make the choice to stay and help their villages prosper,” he said.

The Brunei Times