Use Al-Quran for help, drug users urged

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ACTING Director of JPI Hajijah Hj Moktal urged drug users to utilise Al-Quran in guiding them back to the right path and repent for their mistakes.

In an interview on the sidelines of an Al-Quran reading competition held recently in conjunction with the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 2016, Hajijah urged former or current drug users to keep a positive mindset in making themselves sober and better.

“Just remember, Allah is merciful, Allah does not look at our past but our present and where we are heading from there, towards our future. We make our past as our lessons, not as excuses for us to remain stagnant or hopeless,” she said. In line with this year’s national theme ‘Al-Quran Benteng Ancaman Dadah’ (Al-Quran as the Fortress Against the Threats of Drugs), Hajijah highlighted that Al-Quran is one of the most vital sources for drug users to keep themselves in control and avoid the wrath of down spiraling in drug abuse.

“We all know that Al-Quran is fully equipped with all the guidelines we need in life and it serves as the best medicine and cure for any diseases and sickness.

“So keep close to Al-Quran, read it and understand it to your heart content, InsyaAllah it can keep yourself from being influenced with ill activities and cure the addiction (towards drugs).”

Hajijah added that many who stray from the right path especially those involved in drug abuse have the tendency to think that everything is already set in stone; there’s no going back or chances for redemption.

“We need to change this kind of mindset. It is never the end but it is the beginning for us to start anew, towards betterment.

“Don’t give up easily and thinking that this is it, I am useless (because of drugs) or stuffs like that because it is never too late for anyone to change and become a better person.”

The Brunei Times