Thai woman gets jail, $800 fine for overstaying

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A THAI woman who was duped into believing that she could get her social visit pass extended through a third party was sentenced yesterday after she admitted to overstaying in Brunei.

At the Magistrates’ Court yesterday, Nutchanart Thamklang, 38, was ordered to serve three months in prison and an $800 fine for illegally remaining in Brunei for 132 days after her social visit pass expired.

If fines are unpaid, Nutchanart will have to serve another one month in prison for in-default of payment.

Nutchanart told the court that she had been deceived by the group of people and admitted that she had failed to take steps to return to Thailand after her visit pass expired.

The presiding magistrate, Dewi Norlelawati Hj Abd Hamid, said that fear of getting caught is not a reasonable excuse to illegally remain in Brunei.

Court document stated that Nutchanart was arrested on September 24 this year when personnel from the Royal Brunei Police Force conducted a raid at a residential flat in Jerudong.

Nutchanart, who was found living at the address, was detained after she failed to produce a valid travel document.

The case was handed over to the Immigration Department for investigation and revealed that Nutchanart’s social visit pass was last extended on May 14 this year. Nutchanart said that she had given her passport to person named “Rupi” who would be responsible for the extension of her social visit pass.

However, there was no record of any extension of her social visit pass after May 14.

Nutchanart, who had came to Brunei to seek for employment, was ordered to serve the imprisonment term with immediate effect.

The Brunei Times