Regular check-up best way to fight prostate cancer

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WITH prostate cancer known as the third highest cancer for males in Brunei and it is not possible to prevent most cases of the disease, people have been urged to practice healthy lifestyle and consult with a doctor about whether screening is needed for those in the 50 plus age group.

This was shared yesterday by Dr Muhammad Norizni Hj Mosli, medical officer at the Ministry of Health, during a talk at the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride Brunei 2016, an international annual charity and men’s health awareness event.

In his presentation, Dr Muhammad Norizni pointed out that if anyone has any of the symptoms, do not hesitate to see a doctor and discuss with the doctor about the risk factors and what needs to be done to lower the risk.

The risk factors include age, race or ethnicity, family history and diet.

He said there may be no symptoms at first, even for years. But, as the tumour grows, it may press on and irritate the urethra or cause a partial blockage to the flow of urine. “Starting at age 50, or earlier, talk to your doctor about whether or not you want to be tested for prostate cancer,” he told the audience.

He explained that prostate cancer affects mainly older men. About 80 per cent of cases are in men over 65 and less than one per cent of cases are in men under 50. “Some prostate cancers can grow and spread quickly, but most of them grow slowly,” he said in his presentation.

Causes of prostate cancer remains unknown but most likely is related to changes in the genetic material (DNA) in human cells, he added.

The talk is part of the ministry’s efforts to create awareness on prostate cancer and where to seek help. Prostate cancer is the growth of abnormal cells within the prostate gland.

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