Promoting cooperation in ICT, media

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BRUNEI will provide strong support to work on promoting cooperation in the information and media sectors, in order to help build an ASEAN identity, said the Acting Director of Information Department, Mawardi Hj Mohammad.

Mawardi was speaking as the chairman of the 2nd Senior Officials Meeting Responsible for Information Working Group Meeting on Information, Media and Training (SOMRI WG-IMT) which opened yesterday at The Rizqun International Hotel.

“As the media and info-communication landscape evolves, we have to stay ahead of the game and prepare our people to grasp opportunities offered by advances in technology.”

Mawardi said one of the priority areas of SOMRI WG-IMT include policy option in broadcasting, print media/journalism and new media; capacity-building of media personnel; public education on the use of new media to promote ASEAN and to increase online content and the promotion of media literacy.

The closed door meeting discussed actions and initiatives that have been taken in priority areas of work groups, projects with dialogue partners and international organisations as well as the implementation and observation of the ASEAN Strategic Plan for Information and Media 2016-2025.

Head of the Malaysian delegation, Abdul Muis Shefii from Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) said Malaysia is hoping to discuss working together with other delegates on media content.

“Under this working group, we will also be planning out what programmes ASEAN member countries should do in the next few years as well as propose other plans,” he added.

Mawardi said the meeting will also discuss more and in depth on suitable programmes that can be useful for the SOMRI WG-IMT’s cause.

“The discussions will also focus on pending issues in relation to SOMRI Working Group and also programmes that have been lined out under cooperation with dialogue partners and the ASEAN plus Three that have yet to be implemented.”

The meeting also discussed the information sector’s plans to celebrate ASEAN’s 50th anniversary.

“This is an important milestone and we should take the opportunity to celebrate and also raise awareness of ASEAN especially amongst the youth,” said Mawardi.

“There is much that the information and media sector can contribute as we embark on the next 10-year journey towards realising the ASEAN Community Vision 2025,” he added.

The acting director of information department concluded by saying he hoped the two-day SOMRI WG-IMT would be a fruitful meeting.

The meeting which will conclude today, was attended by delegations from Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the ASEAN Secretariat.

The Brunei Times