Local man faces 15 years jail time, whipping for theft related offences

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A LOCAL man is facing up to 15 years in prison and an unspecified number of whippings after he pleaded guilty yesterday to charges of housebreaking and theft related offences.

The Intermediate Court yesterday scheduled to deliver its sentencing verdict on the defendant Hj Maswadi Pungut/Ismail tomorrow (Wednesday, September 28).

During the proceedings yesterday, Hj Maswadi admitted that he was involved in breaking into three houses during broad daylight and a house break-in at night in the Brunei-Muara district between March and August this year.

The items Hj Maswadi stolen include branded watches and bags, cash, jewelleries, mobile phones, cameras and laptops.

In the evening of August 4 this year, Hj Maswadi broke into a house in Kg Kiulap intending to steal, only to realise that he had tripped the alarms prompting him to leave the premises immediately.

Co-accused Muhammad Hermy Fadzel Hassan, 32, Siti Noorrasyidah Hj Osman, 19, and Mohd Aidil Hj Ibrahim, 41, have pleaded not guilty to the joint charge of breaking into a house on July 1.

The penalty carries an imprisonment term of 10 years in prison and unspecified number of whippings.

An alternative charge to the housebreaking was also filed against the trio, accusing them of entering a property to steal. The defendants are also claiming trial to this charge which carries an imprisonment term of up to seven years and unspecified amount in fines.

Hj Maswadi is currently serving 96 months at the Jerudong Prison after he pleaded guilty in August this year to a string of house break-ins between October 2015 and January this year.

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