Healthy Go! programme ends

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A GROUP of five Year three medical students completed their week long community outreach project as part of their Special Study Module three for the Bachelor of Health Science (Medicine) programme.

The project dubbed ‘Healthy Go!’ was organised in conjunction with World Heart Day and focused on increasing awareness on obesity and Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD). The outcome of the project will be compiled and presented as a report.

A group member, Mohammad Noor Adli Hj Souyono said, “From our clinical experience with patients, a lot of them have obesity and NCDs. The objective of this project is to raise awareness on obesity and NCDs, and how common it is in Brunei”.

“We realised that Brunei is the highest ranked country for obesity in ASEAN countries, and Brunei is also the highest ranked country in ASEAN for diabetes,” he said.

The module aimed at introducing ‘Community Oriented Medical Education’ (COME) by providing students with the opportunities to identify and analyse health related issues and factors responsible in communities. This will enable them to practice ‘Community based medicine’ in the future.

PAPRSB IHS’s website said, “One of the activities in this module includes implementing the project in a selected community with consultation and full involvement of the community and its leaders.

The health issues or problems will be identified, analysed, and the group will plan and carry out an appropriate intervention with the full involvement of community”.

The group went to several schools in the country- Pg Jaya Negara Pg Hj Abu Bakar Secondary School (PJN) in Belait, Sultan Muhamad Jamalul Alam (SMJA) Secondary School on Wednesday and Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan Science College (Maktab Sains) on Thursday, as part of their educational awareness efforts.

“We received really good response (from the schools) especially from the teachers. For the students, we can tell that they were curious.

“For example, it was probably the first time that their blood pressures were taken after a long time. We told them what the number means and talked about hypertension,” he added.

“In the schools, the health talks were our main purpose. We conducted talks and activities to Year Seven students as well as students who are members of various co-curriculum clubs,” he said.

The project feature obesity and NCD exhibition, free health screening (BMI blood pressure and blood glucose) and Zumba.

Yesterday, the group held a ‘Knock out Challenge’ organised in collaboration with Studio K Fitness and amazing race run ‘Healthy Go Quest’ at the Menteri Besar Recreational Park.

The group also planned on continuing to keep the Healthy Go! social media active.

“Today is our last event for the module. After the module, we plan to keep the social media active as one way to inform people about health issues and statistics,” he said.

The Brunei Times