Two Indonesians detained, sentenced following joint raid

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TWO illegal immigrants were recently detained and sentenced following a joint operation conducted by the Department of Immigration and National Registration (JIPK) and the Religious Enforcement Agency.

According to a statement from JIPK, “Ops Bersepadu Kesan JIPK 77/2016” was conducted on September 21 from 10.30pm to 2.53am and involved 30 officers who searched four rented homes and rooms in Mukim Kilanas and Mukim Sengkurong.

The operation was aimed at ensuring that foreigners staying in or visiting the sultanate possess a valid employment pass or visiting pass in accordance with Chapter 17 of the Immigration Act and that couples living together are legitimately husband and wife.

Five foreigners were initially detained but three were later released after they were able to produce valid immigration passes. The other two were found guilty of illegally staying in Brunei.

Sumaji Ibrahim, a 39-year-old Indonesian man, was found guilty of illegally entering and staying in the country and was sentenced to four months in prison and three strokes of the cane. He was found in a rented room located at No 1605, Spg 1601 in Kg Tanjong Nangka.

Semantara Sujiati, a 36-year-old Indonesian woman, was found guilty of illegally staying in the country since March 4, 2013 and was sentenced to five months in prison and ordered to pay a fine of $1,000 in place of a caning. She was caught in a rented room located at No 11, House no 1225 in Kg Tanjong Bunut.

The operation also found a Khalwat case involving a foreign couple in one of the rented rooms located at No 1654 in Kg Tanjong Nangka.

They have been detained and if found guilty will be convicted under Chapter 196 of the Syariah Penal Code Order 2013.

The department would like to remind employers not to take advantage of the law by offering work to any foreigners who are not eligible for employment. If convicted, employers will face a fine of not less than $3,000 for each immigration offender while foreigners who have been imprisoned in the sultanate will be deported and refused re-entry.

The Brunei Times