Residents wait for water pressure to rise

National 2 minutes, 22 seconds


SCORES of houses at the Bukit Sibanging National Housing Scheme area were left without water supply since the early hours of Saturday after a pipe in the supply broke.

Residents at the national housing scheme located at Simpang 791 of Jln Muara who spoke to The Brunei Times said that they had awoken in the early hours of Saturday to find that their taps had run dry.

“I woke up yesterday to pray but then realised that there was no water. I later checked with my neighbour who confirmed that we were not the only ones affected,” said a retired local resident who wished only to be known by his first name Seruji.

“My neighbour then contacted the authorities to notify them of the problem and to request for assistance but this was a surprise as we have not experienced any water supply problems in the five years we have been here although I know that Mengkubau (the nearby national housing scheme) have faced water problems in the past year,” he said.

Another resident, Zulfadli Zainal, said that mobile water tankers from the Public Works Department finally arrived with temporary water storage tanks stationed at the entrance of each simpang sometime in the late afternoon on Saturday.

“The tanks have been filled about four or five times since but the water will always run out about an hour or so after each refill. It is not a lot but it is enough for us to cook and clean although it meant that we have been unable to shower at home since yesterday,” he said.

“It is just unlucky that the water disruption happened on the weekend when more people are at home rather than at work or school for most of the day,” he said.

Another resident said that she was told that the repair works have already been completed by yesterday morning when she called the Darussalam Hotline 123 but water supply had not returned to normal yet late yesterday afternoon.

“The authorities started work on it quite swiftly yesterday I was told which was good but I hope to have the water supply back soon as I have had to bring my laundry and washings to my sister’s house in the meantime while waiting for the problem to be resolved,” said Hjh Dyg Zainab.

A spokesman for the Public Works Department confirmed that they have received multiple reports on the problem since Saturday and that the problem was caused by a burst main pipe which affected the national housing scheme.

The spokesman said that while repair works which begun on the day it was reported have already been completed, it would take a while for the pump and water pressure to be restored back to normal again but that the return of water supply to the area was imminent.

The Brunei Times