Former inmates to begin work placement at mosques

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FOUR former inmates will be given the opportunity to begin their work placement as assistant marbut (caretakers) at selected mosques in the sultanate.

Head of the Counselling Services and Supervision under the Prisons Department Pg Omar Pg Hj Othman said that around nine former inmates have successfully taken on the role of mosque caretakers and have been receiving monthly salaries for the past three months.

“The four former inmates haven’t started working as caretakers yet as they still have to wait for confirmation from the Ministry of Religious Affairs but they already undergone several courses while in prison,” he said.

The inmates had to undergo an obersvation and selection process by religious staff from the Prisons Department.

After the selection, they attended intensive courses that educated them on Ibadat or muamalat (set of rules), fardhu kifayah, Quran recitation, as well as the bathing and shrouding of the deceased.

The programme is organised in collaboration with the Prisons Department, Ministry of Home Affairs and Mosque Affairs Department under the Ministry of Religious Affairs to provide employment opportunities for former inmates.

He said that many former inmates have shown interest in becoming a part of religious institutions.

“This is an encouraging sign... It helps them clear their minds from humiliation while strengthening their religious spirit,” he said.

The Brunei Times