Foreigners get prison terms for immigration offences

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TWO Indonesian nationals received prison sentences yesterday for illegal entry and overstaying in Brunei.

Sumaji Ibrahim, 39, was sentenced to four months and three strokes.

During an inspection conducted by Immigration and National Registration Department personnel on September 22 at a rented house, Sumaji presented a passport without an entry stamp to show that he had entered Brunei legally.

He admitted that he had entered Brunei through the Sg Tujoh Control Post sometime in April 2015 by bus but had not submitted his passport to immigration officers on duty and managed to enter the country without being detected.

In his mitigation, Sumaji said he had paid someone a fee of $50 to enter the country who had cheated him of the money.

However, the presiding judge said Sumaji had been “complicit in being a party to entering Brunei illegally” knowing that there was no entry fee required.

Sumaji asked for leniency in his sentence as it was stated on record that this was his first offence under the Immigration Act.

Meanwhile, Sujiati, 36, received a five-month sentence and a $1,000 fine for remaining unlawfully in the sultanate for 1,298 days since March 4, 2013 when her visit pass expired.

Investigations by the Immigration Department showed she had last entered Brunei on February 24, 2013 and was granted a visit pass until March 4 that year.

In the court documents prepared by Immigration Prosecuting Officer Adi Yusra Hj Adanan, it was stated that Sujiati admitted that she knew she was supposed to leave Brunei before or on the day of the expiry of her social visit pass but chose not to do so.

This was also her first offence under the Immigration Act.

The presiding judge said Sujiati will return to her home country as soon as she has served her sentence. She will receive an additional month in prison if she fails to pay her fine.

The Brunei Times