‘Talented animators can help boost tourism sector’

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BRUNEI needs to produce more skilled 3D animators to boost tourism by portraying local culture and lifestyle in their production.

Incorporating cultural elements into an animated movie is a method widely used by international producers said Alex How, the operations manager at Sesame World Technology (B) Sdn Bhd.

He said that people are now more aware of which country or community a building design or an interaction style may come from.

“And to do that, it is important for Brunei to have its own production team to portray the local culture and values into their movies. So whenever people watch these animation movies they could easily identify that it is from Brunei,” said the operations manager.

How added: “And this is especially if the buildings in the animated movies are structured based on Brunei’s Islamic designs.”

However, he said that Brunei may be far from having its own animated movie as there is still a need to identify and train people to be skilled in 3D animation.

The company, which is a Brunei-China joint venture, had just established its research centre in the country earlier this year and had awarded scholarships to 15 local students to undergo 3D design and animation courses.

The course was offered at the company’s office at the Knowledge Hub in Anggerek Desa and ran from July 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016.

Although the 15 scholarship awardees had done well and are now graduated, How said that Brunei still needs a bigger pool of animation talent.

According to the operations manager, for a production crew to produce one animated movie may require 200 people.

“If we look at renowned animation productions, they would usually have around 1,000 people working on multiple films at a time. They may be divided into groups and each group is given specific tasks such as sketching, designing and rendering,” he said.

How said that the company is aiming to train a larger number of people.

“At the moment, we are also offering an eight-week 3D design and animation course.”

Those signed up for the course may be considered to work on movie projects to gain experience, he said.

The Brunei Times