PGGMB president attends South Korea meet

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THE ASEAN Council of Teachers with South Korea (ACT+1) recommended ASEAN member countries to take several steps to improve the quality of teaching in the region during the recently-concluded ACT+1 Convention.

In a resolution signed by each member nation’s representative at the end of the convention, ACT+1 called on the countries to take initiatives to integrate character education and global citizenship education into the national curriculums.

“Teacher capacity must also be enhanced with the governments’ support as developing skilled teachers is vital for ASEAN and Korea’s sustainable future. All stakeholders should be active participants in the decision-making process in taking a multi-disciplinary approach to enhancing the quality of education,” the teaching forum said.

“Government bodies are urged also to protect the rights, interests and welfare of teachers and to pay attention to students’ social protection to promote their self-enrichment, which will empower them to increase the quality of life,” they said.

ACT+1 said that it was time for ASEAN and South Korea to move forward together in overcoming global challenges and achieve sustainable development through education in the current era of globalisation.

“Education is a valuable resource for both ASEAN and South Korea in navigating a path through harmonised and balanced growth, while at the same time upholding the valued diversity found throughout the ASEAN region,” they said.

“Teachers play a vital role in enhancing the quality of education and life but the value of teachers are shifting so it is essential for all relevant government bodies to give their active support in encouraging society to appreciate that essential value,” they said.

The 32nd ACT+1 Convention was held between September 18 and 20 in Seoul, South Korea, and hosted by the Korean Federation of Teachers’ Associations with representatives from all ASEAN member countries except Myanmar in attendance.

Brunei was represented at the convention by President of the Brunei Malay Teachers Association (PGGMB) Hj Antin Ahad.

Vietnam will be the host country for the next convention to be held in September next year.

The Brunei Times