Man to serve 13 months jail, 3 strokes for contraband stash

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AN INDONESIAN man was ordered to serve 13 months in prison and three strokes of the cane yesterday after he admitted to possessing an extensive stash of untaxed cigarettes and liqour as well as remaining in Brunei illegally .

At the Magistrates’ Court yesterday, Bui That Tju said that he first came to Brunei in 2002 and stayed here for nearly 14 years to work as a cook.

When Bui went back to Indonesia, he opened up his own business but it was not doing so well which led him to return to Brunei. However, the defendant was only issued a social visit pass but still managed to find work as a part-time cook. Bui told the court that selling cigarettes was not lucrative as the contrabands came from a supplier and he was only receiving commissions for them. He also knew that what he did was an offence as he has a previous conviction for similar customs offence in 2009.

On September 20 this year, Bui’s rented house in Menglait was raided by Customs Preventive officers where they found 32 cartons and 331 packets of cigarettes along with 167 cans of beer and six bottles of liquor.

Bui was subsequently detained for questioning at the Royal Customs and Excise Department in Anggerek Desa. During the investigation, the 38-year-old man from Singakawang, Kalimantan admitted that the seized items were supplied by a man named ‘Jason’. He also admitted that all of the contrabands belonged to him and that he had intended to sell them. In total the excise duty unpaid was $3,326. A separate investigation at the Immigration Department further revealed that Bui had been overstaying in Brunei for nearly a year after his social visit pass expired in November 30, 2015. Following the sentencing yesterday, the court has ordered for Bui to serve the sentence with immediate effect.

The Brunei Times