Man fined $2,000 for misuse of drugs

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A FORMER RBAirF personnel was imposed a $2,000 fine yesterday after he admitted to consuming drugs last year.

Emilee Ghapar/Gapar, 35, admitted in court yesterday that he used to serve as a corporal at the Royal Brunei Air Force before he was terminated last year in August after 13 years of service in view of the drug related offence. The court document stated that Emilee was surrendered over from RBAirF personnel to a Narcotics Control Bureau officer at Jalan Tungku, Gadong on July 30, 2015 due to suspicion of being involved in drugs.

The drug test result on Emilee revealed that the defendant had consumed Class A drug Methamphetamine locally known as syabu.

After the sentencing yesterday, the court ordered Emilee to pay the fine by December 15 or serve three months in jail if the fine is not paid. A further mention will be held on the same day for the results of another drugs test.

The Brunei Times