Libraries urged to adapt and evolve

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LIBRARIES need to adapt and transform to support and improve the way information is disseminated to the community, said the assistant vice-chancellor (industry and services) of Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB).

“Libraries have been transformed, not only due to the digital revolution, (but also because) the nature of information required from academics have increasingly become more complex,” said Pg Dr Hj Md Esa Al-Islam Pg Hj Md Yunus during yesterday’s closing ceremony for the Brunei Darussalam Library Association’s (BLA) conference at UTB.

Highlighting the importance libraries play in the academic community, the assistant vice-chancellor said libraries should strive to make use of new and emerging technologies by promoting and supporting technological experimentation and innovation.

“The era of digital technology have revolutionised the way information is provided and accessed. (These) provisions of information to the academic community is central to the teaching, learning and research information landscape,” said the assistant vice chancellor.

Pg Dr Hj Md Esa Al-Islam said that one way to achieve this is to continuously increase leadership development and training opportunities in libraries to keep up with emerging trends.

“Users need to learn how to access digital information, how to evaluate it, and how to carry out their own creative processes using new tools. Hence, librarians are required to learn new skills most frequently involving computer technologies,” he said.

“Transforming libraries start with transforming ourselves,” said Pg Dr Hj MD Esa Al-Islam.

The Brunei Darussalam Library Association’s conference, which began on September 20, saw the participation of over 100 librarians from schools, universities, public libraries, government departments, one foreign speaker and 28 local speakers.

Carrying the theme ‘Libraries transform: unlocking your potentials as librarians’, the conference aims to address concern among librarians.

It also looks to increase awareness on the value, impact and sources provided by libraries and its professionals, as well as to elevate the critical role libraries play in the digital age.

The Brunei Times