‘Librarian-teacher partnerships can boost effectiveness of libraries’

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LIBRARIANS and teachers should collaborate with each other to ensure their students get the most from libraries, said an executive committee member of the Brunei English Language Teachers Association (BELTA).

During the Brunei Darussalam Library Association’s (BLA) conference at Universiti Teknologi Brunei, Hjh Siti Salawati Hj Abu Hanifah presented a keynote speech emphasising the importance of a good working relationship between librarians and teachers for the population’s literacy rate.

“I think it is high time that teachers and librarians collaborate with each other to help design reading programmes,” said Hjh Siti Salawati.

She said that visits to the library can be made more proactive by introducing log books and recognising the level that students are reading at.

Ideally, it would be designed for lower secondary students but it could include students from Years Four, Five and Six... but with different designs, she said.

“It is important that teachers understand their students. They are the ones who would know the students’ reading level,” said Hjh Siti Salawati.

“Librarians can do so much more with teachers. (At the moment) teachers bring their students to the library and that is it. Both librarians and teachers can be more active, such as helping to guide the students,” said Hjh Siti Salawati who is also an English teacher.

“(Both) are very important in this process, especially in the keeping of data and logistics,” she said.

The Brunei Times