India keen to promote more cultural, educational exchanges with Brunei

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INDIA wants to promote more cultural and educational exchanges with Brunei, particularly in higher education, said the country’s high commissioner.

In a recent interview with The Brunei Times, Nagma Mallick said both countries need to increase familiarity with each other, which can be achieved through more student and academic exchanges.

“I want to increase student exchanges and lecture visits by intellectuals between our two countries. It is not only the English language, there are many other things that unite us as well,” she said.

“Our peoples already know each other well as they have interacted over the centuries across the seas with the movement of ideas, faith, language and cuisine in both directions. Nevertheless, greater knowledge of each other will be more rewarding still.”

Brunei and India signed a memorandum of understanding on culture, arts, and sports in 2008, serving as the framework for many of the bilateral exchanges.

Sports and tourism could be another avenue to increase people-to-people contact, Mallick added.

“There is potential also for increasing tourism — we will work to make more Indians aware of the hiking, trekking and boating opportunities available in the rainforests of Brunei, and also to recall to Bruneians the myriad attractions that India has to offer.

“Cultural exchanges between our two countries, including in music and dance performances, exhibitions, exchange of cultural delegations, these are also things we want to increase,” she said.

The Brunei Times