‘Be sincere when giving alms’

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MUSLIMS were reminded to be sincere when giving alms to charity as it is a “praiseworthy deed” that is highly encouraged in Islam.

During the Friday sermon, imams said Muslims should not expect praises to be accompanied by their sincere intention in giving alms as Allah SWT has made it clear that rewards are waiting for those who do good deeds.

“Remember O Muslims, wealth is nothing more than adornment and a trial, or a test from Allah SWT to gauge how much of it we will use in the way that it is approved by Him,” said the imams.

They said alms-giving brings forth blessings in one’s wealth, fosters awareness and repentance in man, strengthens kinship ties, compassion and sense of responsibility among humans.

Imams also questioned their congregations on whether they practise giving alms, adding that many people dream of donating to charity but are caught up on having their wealth spent on less important things.

“Let us not doubt the blessings that come from giving to charity and let us not be distracted in amassing wealth that we forget our responsibilities as servants of our Creator, Allah SWT,” added the imams.

Citing verse nine of Surah Al-Munafiqun, imams state that one’s wealth should not distract them from remembering Allah.

The imams also reminded the congregation that wealth is never truly their possession because it is for the rights of others.

“Therefore we should use it in the way that is acceptable to Allah, for example, by giving to charity, endowment, helping the needy, the poor and destitute, orphans and contributing to mosque funds, welfare funds and the like,” said imams.

They added, “Meagre provisions may not necessarily be insufficient or lead to a difficult life of suffering. Similarly, abundant wealth may not guarantee happiness in this world, what more in the hereafter”.

The sermon ended by reminding Muslims that they should provide mutual assistance.

“The rich help the poor and the poor return the kindness to the best of his ability, at the very least by making supplication to Allah SWT.

“By doing so, there will not be a gap between the rich and poor, and life on this earth will always be peaceful and prosperous”.

The Brunei Times