MKM appeals for donations so it can help less fortunate

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THE Brunei Social Welfare Council (MKM) is appealing to the public for donations to help the poor and vulnerable through its charity programmes.

Executive committee member Mohd Yusof Halim recently said the non-governmental organisation is in need of funding to continue operating its long-term programmes, which aim to support the underprivileged in the sultanate and abroad.

“We’re trying to make what little difference we can, but we need a lot of funding...I’m asking people to help us so we can help them,” he said in an interview.

He said the donations would be used towards MKM’s programmes including feeding 198 underprivileged students at five schools daily as part of the fidyah (payment) scheme and providing basic necessities to 30 poor families monthly.

The NGO also extends assistance to the needy every Ramadhan besides providing uniforms and stationary to poor students under its annual back-to-school programme.

Through its waqaf (endowment) scheme, MKM has built more than 150 water wells in Bangladesh, where the rural poor suffer from a water crisis. It’s also supporting a home for abused children in Miri, Malaysia and an orphanage in Surabaya, Indonesia.

In addition to its regular programmes, the NGO offers assistance on an ad hoc basis such as renting transit accommodations for families left homeless by a house collapse or fire.

“These programmes are not cheap to run...But what the public needs to know is that we’re very transparent with our funds. If you donate to a certain cause, for example needy children, 100 per cent of your money will go towards that,” said Mohd Yusof.

He said the public are also welcome to visit the recipients with MKM in a bid to encourage more people to donate to the underprivileged.

Although funding remains an issue, he said the NGO will continue to find ways to help the poor and vulnerable. He said MKM has partnered with Yusof Halim & Partners to offer weekly legal clinics and monthly legal talks for the benefit of the wider public.

“So we partner with an organisation and get them to fund us. We try not to use our money for such programmes. That’s how we operate,” he said.

To ensure that donations are used only for charity programmes, Mohd Yusof added that MKM seeks funding through government agencies such as the Department of Community Development (JAPEM) or regional bodies for its meetings organised locally and abroad.

The Brunei Times